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I am Andre Beriault, also known as BERA
I have been behind cameras for most of my life, that makes it over 60 years of photo & video production and more recently Web designs.
Light is my main working tool; it is the only source of energy to reproduce color and it affects daily our perception of the world around us!



See here much of my photographic and video production. Most of the work shown, was produced during the last ten years, after the arrival of quality digital equipment in 2000. Much of my early work is sadely still in negative and tape form and difficult to retrieve to show in these pages.

About me

Born in Ottawa, Canada, I finished my college years with the Holy Spirit Fathers at the Saint-Alexandre College in Gatineau. My early studies in art, portraiture and B&W photography, where strongly influenced by my Dutch teacher, painter and photographer, Hans Van Der Aa. I then expanded his art with three years studies at the Montreal School of Fine Arts in photography.

While maintaining a long and successful career in IT and Web design, I expanded my photographic art vision with my work on man and his link with history, in so building my Collections works and my reportage series about Orthodox Russia; all available in book form and presented on this Web site. My works has been shown to a wide public in Quebec City, Montreal, Chicago, New York and Moscow in the context of public exhibitions, art shows and workshops. For example: Canadian Cameras at Work in Peking in 2009 and Russian Paysage of Moscow, in 2011 have exhibited my work.

Beyond photography, my works revolves on drama short films and art documentaries with my wife and partner Natalya Bronzova. My short drama, Resurrection, based on a Kenneth Fairing’s poem, was presented at the New York Indie Film Festival and the London Showcase of shorts. The documentary feature film, Art Changing Life, for which I did production & camera work, directed by Natalya, was presented at the Moscow Film Festival at the Khudojestvennie Theatre.

Many other artists worldwide, Pototsky, Grégroire, Khabad to name a few, have had tremendous influence on the evolution of my art and my vision of mankind. More specifically, on the absolute necessity of morality, love and beauty in all human relations and endeavors; the absence of which being greatly responsible for the barbaric age of greed and destruction humanity is presently living.

Now living in Montreal & Manila (Philippines), I am currently at work on a few mainstream projects, photography of Filipino life and the writing of a new feature drama film script! separator